Simply VILE: Chris Evans shows he’s no genuine life Captain America with NASTIEST Trump tweet YET–

It’s hard to view an actor known for playing such a patriotic, country-loving superhero like Captain America so honestly and disgustingly disrespecting the president of the United States. We get it, Evans is not the renowned character he plays in the movies, but there’s simply something disturbing reading tweets like this from ol’ Cap.

I’m beginning to believe the movie Human Centipede was more prescient than it was provided credit for in foreshadowing the Putin, Trump, Stephen Miller garbage train.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans)

  • Try as we might, we can’t seem to discover any tweets from Evans voicing issues about Hillary or Obama scandals.

    Amusing that.

    Undoubtedly Captain America is just pretend for you.

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    Just VILE: Chris Evans shows he’s no reality Captain America with NASTIEST Trump tweet YET

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    Just VILE: Chris Evans proves he’s no real-life Captain America with NASTIEST Trump tweet YET

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