See Melania Trump’s Aflac Ad From 2005

As First Lady, Melania Trump has actually had to relive some past career decisions in an extremely public style. The most recent, though, is truly brand-new ground.Trump’s role in a 2005 Aflac(afl)industrial, where she switched brains(and feet) with the insurer’s renowned spokesduck, has actually come to light after Donald Trump mentioned it in a public Oval Office meeting with an Aflac employee.It’s certainly an ad worth watching.Trump raised the advertisement after Michael Porter, a resource supervisor who works with the general counsel’s office

, provided him with a set of socks that featured the business’s duck mascot.”Your chairman I know extremely well and he’s done a fantastic task,” Trump told Porter. “He really a long period of time ago hired my partner to do a big commercial, an Aflac commercial, and I believe it was an effective commercial, too. State hi to him.”

In the ad, a mad scientist character touts the former model’s “sex appeal.” Trump winds up barking out the company’s name in the duck’s voice, which at the time was supplied by comedian Gilbert Gottfried.


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