RNC Financing Chair’s Sexual Harassment Scandal A New Low For Democrats

Our good buddies at Fox News sent their intrepid reporters to do some serious sleuthing (i.e, googled the FEC online search engine) and have actually connected the gambling establishment magnate to the Democrats, including one Hillary Rodham Clinton.Nevermind that Wynn

also offered nearly $2 million to obtain Donald Trump chose president,$761,000 to the NRSC, $450,000 to the RNC, $106,000 to the NRCC, and another $729,000 for Dear Leader’s Inauguration.Nope. Steve Wynn is a Democrat.

Obviously.Title for the post lifted obtained from

here.Smh RNC Financing Chair’s sexual harassment scandal is a brand-new low for Democrats

— Michael Paul (@MikeJungman)

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Fox News EXCLUSIVE– Amid require Republicans to return money offered or raised by Steve Wynn, Fox News has learned that the embattled Las Vegas casino mogul likewise offered huge donations to Democrats and their political groups– consisting of a fund connected to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

An evaluation of Nevada state records reveals Wynn personally contributed $10,000 to a previous Democratic secretary of state and $2,500 to the Searchlight Management Fund, related to the retired Reid, a Nevada Democrat.The Leadership Fund in 2016 provided$201,500 to 31 federal candidates, all them Democrats, including party governmental nominee Hillary Clinton, inning accordance with the Center for Responsive Politics, which determines itself as a” nonpartisan, independent “nonprofit group” tracking cash in U.S. politics and its impact on elections and public policy.”

Wynn resigned Saturday as finance chairman of the Republican politician National Committee in the middle of claims of sexual misconduct.


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