RINO Jeff Flake: Trump Calling Democrats Treasonous Was ‘Vile’.

Rep. Jeff Flake forgot what celebration he belongs to.His function in Congress is supposed to be supporting his constituents and propping up the party agenda. Rather, the RINO (Republican in name just) is busy aiming to go far for himself by bashing President Trump.Flake slammed

the president on the Senate flooring today, taking him to task for a flippant comment he made concerning the Democrats’absence of enthusiasm for his State of the Union speech.”You’ve got half the space going absolutely insane wild, they enjoyed everything, they wish to do something fantastic for our country. And you have the opposite even on favorable news, really favorable news, they were like death and un-American, un-American, “President Trump grumbled.”Somebody stated treasonous. I suggest, yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not?”The White House right away stated that the president was joking

. That, however, wasn’t enough to satisfy Flake. “If we are numb to such words then we will certainly regret that we cannot safeguard our coworkers in the Congress versus such a disgusting remark,”he sniped.”I have actually seen the president’s most ardent protectors [stating] that the president’s comments were indicated as a joke, just sarcasm, just tongue in cheek. However treason is not a punchline, Mr. President.”Washington still doesn’t know how to handle President Trump. He does not play by the same rules as everyone else. He states exactly what he believes and doesn’t offer a damn about pleasing focus groups. Trump speaks in real sentences, not sound bites.Rep. Flake understands that Trump’s revitalizing sincerity is what won him the election, however he still pleased to castigate him. “The president said that the State of

the Union address was implied to promote and motivate unity in federal government. Why follow up less than a week later with this divisive and damaging rhetoric? ” Flake asked.” Unity is not secured in a speech. It needs to be pursued constantly through suitable behavior, shared respect and gotten by efficient management. Mr. President, respect is earned, not commanded.”(Source: New york city Post )

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