Republican Senator CONFESSES He Didn’t Check Out The Tax Bill; This Is Troubling (VIDEO).

Senator Tim Scott gets a lot of attention these days because he’s the only black Republican Senator in the Trump era of blatant, on-the-surface racism. Unfortunately for the president, it’s not always attention that the White House wants or needs — which is some sort of allegory for the inconvenience of having to work with black people when you’re a white conservative, I’m sure.

But the attention Senator Scott is getting on the Sunday following the wee-hours passage of a Republican tax overhaul that affects every sector of the American economy is of a different kind entirely. It seems that he’s not so different from his colleagues after all, despite some public differences with them, because he has the same bad habit of just voting the way he’s told to vote.

That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the stunning confession he made to Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, when he insisted that he’d been working on this bill for three years — another relatively shocking statement, considering that means that the GOP has simply been waiting for a Republican president to sign something they could jam through — but that he had not read the final version of this bill:

I’m not going to say I read every single letter on every single page, because 470 pages, in its last hour, I did not read 470 pages.”

Then Senator Scott made his statement sound even worse by clarifying that he was indeed talking about having read prior versions, but not this one:

Have I read every aspect of that bill before it was fused together? The answer is yes. We have had the chance over the last three years since I’ve been on the committee to work on every aspect of the bill. The question that they’re actually addressing is not whether or not you’ve read the bill, it’s whether you’ve read the bill in its current form.”

Which, to be clear, Senator Scott apparently has NOT.

It’s amazing to me to not only see a Senator admit he’s not reading the stuff he votes for, but that he could work on a bill for three long years and still watch as his party marks it all up on the floor of the Senate in the middle of the night to get something everyone can agree on.

Watch the exchange here:

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