Republican Sen. Jeff Flake Safeguards Democrats From Trump’s Bogus Attack On DACA

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) safeguarded Democrats from Trump’s claim that Democrats are not acting in great faith on DACA and the Dreamers.Video: Flake stated,”One thing I take big problem with the president on is he’s stating the Democrats are not moving forward in good faith. I can tell you, I have actually been negotiating and dealing with the Democrats on migration for 17 years. On this concern, on DACA, or on the D.R.E.A.M. Act for a number of years, the Democrats are negotiating in great faith. We’re trying to come forward with a compromise. And I believe we have. You’ll see that this week.”

Whether or not one likes the compromise, Democrats have been working in great faith with Republicans all year to obtain a compromise that keeps the Dreamers in the nation. It is Trump who has been a bad actor. Trump’s goal all along has actually been to either deport the Dreamers or utilize them as captives to get Democrats to support financing for the border wall that Mexico was expected to be paying for.Trump is making

bipartisan governing and legislating difficult. The President’s impulse is to divide and ruin. He is not ready to jeopardize and bring individuals together to achieve a common objective. Democrats have done their finest, and if Trump wishes to trigger a government shutdown as a method to get his wall paid for, that’s his issue. Jeff Flake did something uncommon. He’s a Republican who specified a fact, and his ability to periodically stick to the realities is why his own party is drumming out of the Senate.,,,, Follow Jason Easley on Twitter Republican Politician Sen. Jeff Flake Protects Democrats From Trump’s

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