Republican Congressmen Render Medical Aid to Victims of Train Accident

Republican Congressmen Render Medical Help to Victims of Train Crash

Posted: Jan 31, 2018 2:05 PM

Republican Congressmen Render Medical Aid to Victims of Train Collision

In the aftermath of today’s deadly train crash near Charlottesville, VA, numerous Republican doctors on board instantly offered to help the injured.Rep.

Roger Marshall (KS) was amongst the first to do so, performing CPR on the Amtrak train’s conductor as well as helping with the 2 passengers in the trash truck who endured the initial collision.Marshall’s Twitter account made the announcement: Dr. Marshall perfmormed cpr on train conductor, and assisted the two individuals in the garbage truck who are now in the ambulance. They are injured terribly.– Dr. Roger Marshall (@RogerMarshallMD) January 31, 2018 Rep. Michael Burgress(TX)accompanied Marshall in functioning as an emergency initially responder, according to a declaration

from his spokesperson: Statement from Dr. Citizen’ Representative Emma Thomson: “I have actually spoken to Dr. Citizen and fortunately he was not injured

in the train mishap. Following the mishap, he assisted to administer help to victims-like he does during any emergency situation. We wish to share more info soon.”– Michael Citizen, MD (@michaelcburgess ) January 31, 2018 Rep. Costs Cassidy(LA)likewise helped tend to the hurt and supplied an upgrade on the condition of the residents of the garbage truck: There were 3 individuals in the

truck that was straddling the track and which the train hit. One is dead. One I am told is being carried however has minor injuries. One has severe injuries– please pray. Laura & I &

multiple other doctors had the tendency to the clients until Emergency medical technicians appeared.!.?.!— Expense Cassidy( @BillCassidy)< a href=""> January 31, 2018 Cassidy also tweeted a photo of the trash truck, revealing the complete degree of the damage to it:– Expense Cassidy(@BillCassidy) January 31, 2018


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