REPORT: White House Insiders Say They Stay To Save Country, “You Have No Idea The Crazy Stuff We Kill”

  • Hank

    You should either Tweet this or e-mail it, to EVERY Rethuglocan in the Cabinet and Congress!!!

  • Westcoast88

    I hope Adam Schiff hears this. He is taking a wait and see approach to Trump’s mental deficiencies.

  • Tomcat

    I see the quote marks but not whose quote it is so I cannot credit it to anyone in trump administration. Therefore it MUST just be AXIOS quotes.

  • ColdCountry

    I’ve been wondering if this was the case. If it is, those who are trying to save us will likely get no credit. But come on, guys, get him OUTTA THERE!

  • SDG

    So where the hell is Ivanka in all of this? Why is she not influencing him? Or maybe he would be so much worse if she wasn’t. Oy vey!

  • Ben in Oakland

    If you know there is shit being flung, then why are you not informing us. Or would that come under the heading of fake news?

    • clay

      If they don’t want Trump saying it publicly, they can’t say it, themselves, to the press.

      • Ben in Oakland

        Sure they can. But they don’t want to take any chances with their own lives, the rest of us be damned.

        • clay

          If they don’t want the words out there because of what the words would spark– putting those words out there themselves is not the way to go. They don’t need to tell the world, but the better be telling the House and Cabinet.

  • JWC

  • Stubenville

  • Mike__in_Houston

    I don’t believe that last paragraph for a second. I was recently reminded–maybe on here–of that saying, “If someone shows you who he is, believe him the first time.”

  • Bad Tom

    This. Is. Why. Trump. Must. Go.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I love this place but I can’t come here anymore. It’s a clearinghouse for Twitter posts, memes, and a constant “WE ARE SO FUCKED” mantra. Where the hell did the gays of the ’80s and ’90s go? The ones who yelled, shouted, and, pardon the term, ACTED UP? Please Millennials, enjoy these walls of “look at what I posted somewhere else!” for me. Meanwhile, take care, and please stay safe. These are difficult times. Peace.

  • ClevelandJim

    Welp, guess this puts the kabosh on Bannon being the leaker, lol

  • Are people still pushing the idea that Ivanka moderates him in the face of all evidence to the contrary? She isn’t a moderating force. She was used to sell him to moderates.

  • narutomania

    So then, please explain to me yet again how this is supposed to be better than Hillary Clinton as our president?!

    Hell, at this point, even the likes of Johnson or Stein would have been better. IN COMPARISON WITH DRUMPF, I mean.

    • MBear

  • houstonray

    I just don’t get it. If they are so concerned about all the “crazy stuff he would do if not for them” isn’t that THE definition of the 25th Amendment?? Getting rid of him eliminates the need for them to stand watch over him. Wouldn’t that be better for them and all of us?

    I read the entire article and make no mistake, they are there for their own power. That’s all. They don’t care about the country, if they did, they would invoke the 25th to stop all his crazy ideas. It’s power. Plain. Simple.

  • MBear

    Oh please.
    Sounds like those gheys that say theyre republican so they can change the party from the inside.

    Let the insanity reign.
    Let the people who voted for him see the insanity. The only way to save the world is to shine a bright, bright light….not shadows

  • FelineMama

    Sounds very unfortunate this is happening in OUR White House. It seems “killing” stuff is better than a “Pres.Pencil”. SAD!

  • boatboy_srq

    All of them talk up the president as more reasonable off Twitter and TV than on it.

    Unpossible. The man isn’t that good an actor.

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    REPORT: White House Insiders Say They Stay To Save Country, “You Have No Idea The Crazy Stuff We Kill”

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