Putin & Trump will likely have contact on sidelines of G20

We assume that contact will happen, because the 2 presidents will be at the same time in the very same city, the exact same structure, the very same hall. It won’t be right, I think, if they aren’t able to talk there and to talk about a great deal of concerns,” Lavrov said at a joint press conference with his German equivalent, Sigmar Gabriel, in Krasnodar on Wednesday.The situation in Syria and Ukraine would not be the only concerns Putin and Trump may talk about, Lavrov stated, including that the main focus must be on the “normalization” of US-Russia relations. “To start with, we must attempt to achieve

normalization of dialogue, so that the dialogue is based upon the basic interests of both Russia and the United States,”the Russian foreign minister said.The German foreign minister hailed the possibility of a Putin-Trump meeting.” The [German] Federal Government and I would hail a meeting

in between the presidents of Russia and the US in the G20 structure, “Gabriel said.Anti-Russian beliefs which continue in Washington are harmful to the US itself and avoid the untangling of crucial global concerns, inning accordance with Lavrov.”We presently see a distorted photo, formed in Washington under the influence of Russophobic sentiments shared by many political leaders,

Lavrov stated.” It hurts the US itself, in my viewpoint, and absolutely doesn’t assist to resolve worldwide concerns, which both Russia and the US might add to

.“Russia will’ respond with dignity’to possible US’justification’in Syria The Russian foreign minister validated that his American counterpart, Rex Tillerson

, had actually certainly told him about an alleged upcoming chemical attack by phone.”A leak on what we have actually been precisely discussing, by the way, occurred once again on the American side, “Lavrov said.Russia’s foreign minister dismissed as “boring”the US declares that it was impossible to declassify info on an alleged approaching chemical attack in Syria.”Hearing whenever that there is 100 percent strong proof, which might

not be shared, as it was obtained through intelligence ways and is secret– you understand, it’s somewhat uninteresting for me already, since comparable arguments are utilized to accuse Russia of

organizing hacking attacks at the state-level, comparable arguments of inability to reveal info are utilized in various other circumstances, be it Syria, or Libya, or something else,”Lavrov said.The US declarations on the allegedly approaching chemical attack, already associating them to the Syrian government, benefit just terrorist groups, as they might use them as a background for justifications, Lavrov said.”The experts [in the US] openly write, that probably, Washington’s warning will be used by extremists, who might arrange a justification and blame the Syrian Army for everything,” Lavrov warned.” I’ll advise you likewise that the info on the April 4 alleged chemical attack in Khan-Sheikhoun emerged from eyewitnesses, seen by nobody, however who allegedly were members of the White Helmets organization. They are infamous provocateurs, professional provocateurs, working just in areas controlled by terrorists. Nobody has seen them in government-held areas.”If the info on the upcoming attack is used as a pretext for the United States to assault Syrian troops, Russia will react “with dignity, “Lavrov mentioned. “We’ll react with dignity, in proportion to a real situation which might develop, “Lavrov stated. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his United States equivalent, Donald Trump, will more than likely have the opportunity to talk at next week’s G20 top

in Hamburg, Germany, inning accordance with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


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