Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Pahuna’ Wins Applause at TIFF 2017

Priyanka Chopra’s Sikkimese production Pahuna was extremely favored after it premiered at the Toronto International Movie Celebration (TIFF) 2017.

The starlet wrote a long note in addition to a video, thanking the individuals who were part of the job and praising the female director of Pahuna, Paakhi A Tyrewala.Captioning the short-video, Priyanka composed:

“Never ever be ok with hearing the word no … due to the fact that there will constantly be someone who will say” yes.”I’m extremely pleased with my very first time ‘female ‘director Paakhi A Tyrewala for having the courage to not quit, when people didn’t believe this movie could be made.”< div data-loader ="storyElement "data-story-content-id ="2287bfb3-d8a0-4dc1-8665-640848ee156e"data-story-version-id="acc64694-d827-4078-ace1-0041eb5fc08b" data-card-content-id="309c0b13-6aa4-4997-a5be-833b07b59847" data-card-version-id="c4313e16-e728-4426-9284-ea3d8fc0a87b" data-story-element-id="db968864-6436-4742-9e93-52929ede1181 "data-story-element-type="jsembed"> Pahuna: The Little Visitors tells the story of three Nepalese kids separated from their moms and dads and their journey back home.She added:”Thank you Cameron Bailey for the chance to share this small movie and a big message with a world audience … one about kids’s rights, the refugee crisis, religious conversion and the affect of adult choices on kids from the point of view of our protagonists, who are to young kids from a small village in Sikkim.< div data-loader="storyElement"data-story-content-id="2287bfb3-d8a0-4dc1-8665-640848ee156e "data-story-version-id="

acc64694-d827-4078-ace1-0041eb5fc08b”data-card-content-id=” e48f1fe0-faad-4e39-8758-b36cb3c18572 “data-card-version-id=”8321c9a1-954f-452b-a99b-b08df0fdebdb”data-story-element-id= “331bf83d-4d11-43a9-85fb-df541b483b7e”data-story-element-type=” jsembed “> The first look of Pahuna was launched at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

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