President Trump Points Out that ‘Wacky’ Wilson is KILLING Democrats

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson has actually been as wild as a boar hog that stumbled across an Everglades meth lab with her star turn as the new face of the Democratic party this week.The “rock

star” Wilson has shattered the crazy barrier developed by her CBC compatriot Maxine Waters and is feeding off of all of the media attention as she looks for to elevate her national profile.Obama came out of retirement yesterday. Will Phony News ask him to disavow the brand-new Democrat Rockstar Frederica Wilson? inKF0E4yJv The issue is that her comments have actually shown that she is simply anotherblack identity extremist only

with a collection of sparkly cowboy hats.Wilson’s calling White House chief of personnel General John Kelly a racist liar subsequented with her claim

that the White House has plenty of “white supremacists “isn’t going to age in addition to Democrats might believe.If anything, she makes the whole celebration appearance kookier and more out of touch than ever as Hillary’s loss has actually rendered them

down into their most powerful form, like black tar heroin. For the Dems, the only ones who will be drawing off of that glass dick come next November will be the freaks who flock to racist weirdos like Rep. Wilson.It’s barely a recipe for winning elections and at this rate, outside of their liberal leper colony of California, it won’t be too numerous more cycles until a Democrat couldn’t get chosen as canine catcher in the rest of the country.President Trump was quick to point this out through Twitter when he made the observation that”crazy”Wilson was eliminating the Democratic party.I hope the Phony News Media keeps talking about Wacky Congresswoman Wilson in that she, as an agent,

is killing the Democrat Party!You won’t hear this in the media this weekend where freaky Frederica is nearly as huge as Lady Gaga this week however the couple of staying sane Democrats have to be

horrified at the method that their party has become so filled with nutcases that the clown automobile had actually to be traded in for a clown bus.And it’s headed for the end of a cliff.The memes are already increasing: Maxine Waters: I’m the Biggest moron In Congress

@RepWilson: Hold my beer If Democrats and liberals desire to make this a General Kelly vs a hood

rat in a Stetson fight that’s a bet I’ll take all day every day. Simply a glimpse at

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