Pornography Star Stormy Daniels Issues Statement Denying Affair With Donald Trump

Pornography Star Stormy Daniels Issues Statement Denying Affair With Donald Trump

Liberals will be squashed by this news. Actually, they will probably state there is some sort of Russian conspiracy, because they don’t deal with truth well. Pornography star Stormy Daniels has released an official statement rejecting that she ever had an affair with Donald Trump. In this rejection she likewise craps all over the liberal narrative that she was paid “hush loan” to cover a sexual relationship with Trump.Liberals went nuts when the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s lawyer paid Daniels over a hundred thousand dollars just prior to the November 2016 governmental election to keep quiet about an affair that supposedly took place in 2006. The liberal media ran with this unwarranted story and included that Trump hesitated of sharks and a selfish lover. It is all bullshit and now the porn star has actually made it official.Over the previous few weeks I have actually been asked countless times to talk about reports of a supposed sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump numerous, numerous, several years ago.The fact of the matter is that each celebration to this alleged affair denied its presence in 2006, 20011, 2016, 2017, and now once again in 2018. I am not denying this affair due to the fact that I was paid”hush cash”as has actually been reported in abroad owned tabloids. I am denying this affair due to the fact that it never ever happened.I will have no additional discuss this matter. Please feel totally free to inspect me out on Instagram at @thestromydaniels. Thank you, Stormy Daniels I’m sure liberals will attempt to spin this, assuming they even acknowledge it, as some kind of conspiracy. I say it seems on the level.

Even if Daniels had actually signed a non-disclosure arrangement, she stood to make millions pushing an incorrect story that she had an affair with Donald Trump. She just ignored an extremely rewarding anti-Trump career.As I said, this will be ravaging to liberals. Not just did they believe they had dirt on Trump’s cheating, which helps when they are attempting to safeguard Expense Clinton, but they really thought that Trump settling this pornography actress was a criminal offense and an impeachable offense.No one nevertheless will be more crushed than Jimmy Kimmel who has scheduled Stormy Daniels on his program tonight as a lame attempt to rebut President Trump’s State of the Union address. I have no idea if she has cancelled or has actually been booted, but if she still goes on, Jimmy Kimmel will have found a new way to not be funny. This will be some of the worst TELEVISION ever.Interestingly enough, the liberal media that pushed this fake affair does not appear as passionate about reporting Daniel’s rejection letter. It’s almost like they have an anti-Trump agenda that can’t be shaken by facts.If you believe liberals are reeling now, wait up until the Devin Nunes< a href = > House Intelligence memo is released to the public, which might happen as quickly as tonight. Not just is the left losing their”Trump bangs pornography stars”story, they are about to lose the”Trump conspired with the Russians”BS and maybe even the “Hillary and Obama are not bad guys”lie.I don’t have affairs,,, however when i do … it will be with stormy You understand exactly what? Give me 3 minutes with Stormy Daniels. Wait, 30 seconds. It’ll be the best 30 seconds of her life!! She’ll get to unload a complete clip of 55 gr.223 rounds at a steel target at 100 yrds, struck whenever and leave a damp

  • area on the bench….30 seconds? I’m give you congratulations for being honest.she was too busy with ME to bother with the donald … Kid they are desperate, are they not?I have a memo. I did not leave a pee stain or other stain on any phone, tablet

    or cumputer after seeing Stormy’s vids. I swear.Collusion is going no place. Mental problems are going no place. Wh0ring is going no place. However the economy is

    • going up. Democrats are really nervous now.

  • They had strategies for November and the economy is not complying. And it’s

  • the 800lb gorilla.Yes.”It’s the economy dumb!”To be fair Stormy,

    no offense … If i’m Donald Trump and wallow private jet with my name on it and shit in a golden toilet, if I will be

  • banging chicks, its not going to be with a bonafide hooker. When you are in the billionaires club, you opt for top notch, not these low class hoes. Or if your a liberal billionaire you take the lolita express and bang random children with Kevin

    • Spacey on a private island. Congrats

  • to Stormy for not being a lying hooker though.Dear Stormy, I have standards, They might be low … … … … But NOT that low I believe if she took her clothes off and said come and get it something would have to be wrong with you not too.Porn stars are people too:) Another leftist narrative bites the dust and squashed by reality.The media’s lies are as big as her boobs!Democrat response: who are going to believe us or some lying whorEUR Actually, Daniels is sweetness and light when compared to some of the democrats.Somebody needs to email it to the democrats and CNN.I have stated prior to

    … Larry Flint used 10 million for dirt on Trump, so I knew the story was phony. “Porn Star “and”issues statement”

    … 2 things I ‘d never thought I ‘d see in the very same sentence.What’s incorrect with banging pornography stars? You make it sound so horrible. It’s every red-blooded

  • American boys(and some ladies’s)dream to bang as many porn stars as able.If you have the

  • money, and health, why not? I didn’t care that Trump

  • nailed her any ways simply as long as he keeps moving the US forward

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