Politico: Everyone In ‘Paranoid’ White House Worries They’re Being Recorded

This is a remarkable story in Politico today. Even individuals who currently have actually lawyers are frightened they’re being tape-recorded– since no one knows who’s wearing a wire:

“Everybody is paranoid,” said a person near to Trump’s White House. “Everyone believes they’re being taped.”

Mueller is doing little to ease off those suspicions. Tucked inside last week’s 10-page plea deal Flynn struck with federal government district attorneys is a contract that the previous White House national security consultant might avoid a prospective lengthy prison term in part by “participating in hidden police activities.”

Asking working together witnesses to use a wire is really typical, and the lawyers representing existing and previous Trump aids told Politico they contacted clients to inquire about any conversations with Papadopoulos or Flynn, as soon as they discovered the plea contract

One of the attorneys was estimated stating, “They’re probably shitting bricks. How can you not?”

Nevertheless, there’s an exception: the special counsel isn’t really supposed to have a witness wear a wire to talk with someone he understands already has a legal representative representing them on whatever is being gone over on the tape. That must make a lot of individuals feel much better, however obviously not.


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