Polish Prime Minister SMASHES European Union – “GET OFF YOUR KNEES EUROPE!”

Poland’s conservative prime minister, Beata Szydło, spoke out versus the EU’s forced immigration policies this Wednesday. It seems that in America, the UK, and all across Europe, the nationalist motion is growing stronger.It began with

Nigel Farage pushing forward Brexit, solidified with Trump’s election to make America great again, and has actually been growing in strength since. Although Le Pen’s defeat to the globalist Macron in the French election has dampened numerous spirits, the nationalist youth movement has not been shaken.A reaction to the past 50 years of globalization, today’s youth are more conservative than any generation given that World War II … and it’s showing in the arguments, the elections, and the impassioned political speeches offered by pro-nationalist leaders.”Poland will not send to any blackmail on the part of the European Union,”Poland’s prime minister stated in a parliamentary debate on Wednesday. She specified that her country would not be taking part in the “insanity of the Brussels elites, “who’ve been pushing forced immigration greatly for the previous decade.She referenced the Manchester bombing, which eliminated 22, mainly kids, and hurt nearly 100 more previously this week. The attack was specifically opted to occur at an Ariana Grande show, in order to attack teenage ladies. Polish media reports: The Polish government will not provide in to any warning. The Polish federal government will never ever allow anybody to enforce their will on Poles– the prime

minister stated. She included that the federal government will give in just to the will of Polish citizens. It will be Poles and their sovereign decisions which will decide about Poland. “The head of the government pointed out that the concept of sovereignty is written down in the Polish constitution, and it ought to be followed, primarily,

by all parliamentarians. I’m the prime minister of the Polish government, and the opinion of my compatriots has constantly been and will always be superior to me. I’m a European lady, however to start with I’m a Pole– she emphasised.There has actually considering that been a massive storm on Twitter, with some users condemning her words, however with numerous offering a sigh of relief. Many Europeans are tired of leaders catering other cultures and nations before their own:@RoyalTXGirl!.?.!@marylene58!.?.!@JVER1!.?.!@andersonDrLJA!.?.!@Dragonsnestling!.?.!Poland’s prime minister gets it:!.?.!— UMA(

@UMAthemovement ) Might 26, 2017 Poland PM Beata Szydło calls out EU elite’s failure to see Islam threat.

#ManchesterAttack< a href=""> #MerkelsMess #beataszydlo!.?.!— Free asa Bird(@ 3domrules)
May 26, 2017 Breitbart includes that Beata Szydło gave an extraordinary speech in the Polish Parliament, and released an”excoriating attack,”on European Union elites:”Speaking in the Polish Parliament on Wednesday, Beata Szydło seized the moment to introduce an excoriating attack
on European Union leaders following the Manchester attack which, to name a few, declared the lives of a Polish couple, leaving their two children as orphans.””‘We are not going to participate in the madness of the Brussels elite,

‘she railed.’We wish to help individuals, not the political elites.'” “‘Where are you headed Europe?’she required.’Rise from your knees and from your sleepiness or you will be weeping over your kids every day.'” “‘ If you cannot see this– if you cannot see that terrorism currently has the prospective to harm every country in Europe, and you think that Poland needs to not defend itself, you are going together with those who point this weapon against Europe, against everybody.'”” ‘It has to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our customs.'”It remains unclear whether or not

Poland will stick with the European Union, however one thing is for specific– the when effective organization is beginning to collapse, as increasingly more leaders speak out.If you stand with the Polish prime minister in putting her COUNTRY and her PEOPLE first, please provide this short article a share. Thank you and God bless.The post Polish Prime Minister

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