Piers Morgan patiently waiting for his turn as White House Communications Director

Piers Morgan set for job in White House

Piers Morgan is investing every day patiently awaiting a call from Donald Trump raising him to an effective White Home position, it is understood.Evidently encouraged by the regular turnover of personnel under Donald Trump, the British TELEVISION host and former voicemail hacker is confident that it is just a matter of time prior to he gets to at being the puffed up amber dictator’s Director of Communications.Simon Williams, the close and potentially just friend of Piers Morgan, told us,

“In his mind, Piers has outgrown Excellent Early morning Britain and, well, Britain too, so a job in the White House is the next sensible step.”And he has had an unique adoration for Trump as someone who has actually managed

to increase all the way to the top in spite of the total lack of beauty or talent, and would gladly do anything to get a piece of that action.”I expect he will have some competition in the type of Nigel Farage, but although they both have a crush on Trump and the needed narcissism to be part of Trump’s group, Morgan probably has the edge in regards to media experience. Possibly Trump will consider a job-share in between the 2 of them?”Suzanna Reid is understood to be inundating Trump with emails proclaiming the virtues of her Good Early morning Britain co-host, and stating that although she

would miss out on having Piers beside her every morning, Trump would be welcome to have him over in America for as long as he needs him. Please.There are currently witterings below -why not add your own?


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