Oops: Look what Hillary just let slip in PUBLIC

Undoubtedly I (Matt Palumbo) was a bit depressed when finishing college in 2015 to learn that my school didn’t welcome a commencement speaker. Still, no beginning speaker is more suitable to those who need to sit through politically-charged drivel at their graduation– regularly of the liberal range.

For every single one conservative-leaning start speaker there are four liberals (and it’s just the conservative ones that student activists aim to silence or protest).

President Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University, Vice President Pence at The University of Notre Dame, and they were hardly the only figures from the 2016 election who had a gig as a beginning speaker.

Oops: Look exactly what Hillary simply let slip in PUBLIC Nancy Pelosi has NEW complaint about Trump that leaves individuals in hysterics Watch: Donald Rumsfeld SHUTS DOWN “The View” with 2 words

The 2017 finishing class of Wellesley College suffered through a commencement address from Hillary Clinton on Friday, and she had to do with as factually inaccurate as she claimed Donald Trump is when her address took its unavoidable political turn.

As the the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video.

  • ordered the chief law officer to fire the special district attorney. He declined. He bought the deputy lawyer general to fire the unique prosecutor, and he refused. Here, the deputy attorney general of the United States composes a memorandum urging the chief law officer and the president to fire the FBI director. The lawyer general attaches it to a letter, endorses it,and the president of the United States fires him. It has absolutely nothing to do with Watergate. Of course, the media and the Democrats– one and the same– desire it to deal with Watergate. The president did not order in any regard an end to the Russian examination!”Additionally, Trump’s actions do not make up a blockage of justice and Trump is not getting impeached any time quickly Clinton utilized the typical left-wing fear-mongering against Trump’s budget.”Take a look at the spending plan that was simply proposed in Washington. It is an attack of unthinkable ruthlessness on the most susceptible amongst us, the Islam and the Left, and can be discovered on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]
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