Obama Praises Globalism in Berlin: ‘We Can’t Hide Behind a Wall’


Speaking in Berlin on Thursday, Barack Obama promoted continued globalism and loaded praise on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“There’s a completing story of fear and xenophobia and nationalism and intolerance and anti-democratic patterns,” said Obama, going over democracy and worldwide duty with the chancellor, at the biennial congress of the German Protestant Church.

“We need to press back against those trends that would violate human rights or reduce democracy or that would limit specific flexibilities of conscience and religion.

“In this new world we reside in, we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall,” Obama declared from the Brandenburg Gate, as police helicopters patrolled the skies and snipers viewed the scene from close-by rooftops.The previous U.S. president informed Merkel– who is typically credited with having actually triggered the migrant crisis, which unleashed a flood of millions of migrants to Europe– that she is “on the right side of history”. Addressing the concern of asylum seekers

, Obama stated:”In the eyes of God, a kid on the other side of the border is no less deserving of love and compassion than my own kid.”You can’t compare them in regards to their worth or intrinsic dignity. “Without pointing out Donald Trump by name, the previous president seized the day to rail against his successor not only with concerns to immigration and the’ liberal international order’ however likewise health care.” My hope was that I had the ability to get 100 %of people health care while I was president.

We didn’t rather attain that, but we had the ability to get 20 million people health care who didn’t have healthcare, “he said, alerting that”progress”to universal health care in the U.S. remains in peril.Merkel, who the previous president told had done” outstanding work”, and who he lauded throughout his term as

“my closest worldwide partner”, is set to fly to Brussels in the future Thursday for a meeting with leaders of fellow NATO countries, including President Trump.


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