‘NOW we have COLLUSION! Democrats should be EXCITED!’ – Mark Levin – The Right Scoop

Previous DOJ Chief of Staff Mark Levin stated Democrats must be “thrilled” because there is finally evidence of collusion with the Russians– on their side of the aisle.Levin, a syndicated radio host, said there is now evidence of collusion in between President Obama and Vladimir Putin.He stated that Obama understood about Russian disturbance in the 2016 election back in August, but did not act due to the fact that he presumed Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.”[ Obama] colluded to cover this

up, to keep it from the American individuals,”Levin stated.”If Donald Trump colluded, wouldn’t that be put-out in August?”he asked.Levin stated it is time to handle the”progressive masterminds” in America.”Our company believe in the rights of guy, they believe in the power of federal government,” the Pennsylvania

native said.


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