No, Melania Trump does not have a body double

It was amusing initially, however now it’s just getting silly.The social

media world continues to distribute a now-viral conspiracy theory that Melania Trump has a body double. Seriously.An initial Facebook post on

Friday questioned whether a decoy”stood in “for the First Woman as her other half, President Donald Trump, took questions from reporters on the South Yard of the White House.The post included a video and 2 photos of the interview, along with another photo of a sunglasses-free Melania.”Will the real Melania please stand?”Andrea Wagner Barton, a starlet and comedian, stated in a tongue-in-cheek caption. The post has almost 110,000 shares to date.But the conspiracy theory was offered new life Wednesday

, in part due to the following post, which got some 38,000 retweets since Wednesday night.This is not Melania. To believe they would go this far & attempt & make us think its her

on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie!.?.!— October 18, 2017 Possibly that user was

likewise joking. Then once again, perhaps not.–

October 18, 2017 I initially didn’t see, but believed

it was weird when he stated”my partner Melania, she’s right here”to try & encourage media it was her.– October 18, 2017 TMZ just chose up the story and now I’m getting death hazards for exposing the fake Melania Trump. Drinking on my @CloudN9neSyrup to unwind.– October 18, 2017 Some media outlets on Wednesday, like this one, discovered the theory outrageous and the Twitter reaction hilarious.So let’s get to that. Here are a few of our favorites: Me: I cannot handle all this fake news, it’s harming American democracy Twitter: Melania

Trump has a body double– Sam Stryker (@sbstryker) October 18, 2017– Lew Archer( @MZGunter) October 18, 2017– Steven R. Walker(

@Steve_R_Walker) October 18, 2017 As much as I would have liked to roast the Donald for the Melania stunt double scenario, it appears like it was just an incorrect alarm.!.?.!— E5QUIRE(@Dj_E5QUIRE) October 18, 2017 Melania is not the only one in Washington with a body double …– Tony Posnanski

(@tonyposnanski) October 18, 2017 Do you believe Melania Trump has a”body double”?– MARQUIS(@RealMarquis7) October 18, 2017 I don’t think Melania has a body double … but I think she’s offering the idea some major thought right about now– Gloria Fallon( @GloriaFallon123) October 18, 2017


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