New Trees Planted to Block CNN’s View of Trump Golfing

during a current segment.”

trees planted to block CNN filming trump golfing

Yes, brand-new trees are being planted there.”< img src= alt= "trees planted to block CNN shooting trump playing golf "width=600 height=315 > Days earlier, on Dec. 27, CNN captured Trump back on the golf course, which would not have actually been significant (or uncharacteristic)if it didn’t nearly immediately follow the president declaring he would get Michael Flynn Jr.– the son of Trump’s previous security consultant in December– safeguarded Trump’s regular playing golf by claiming the sport is a productive method of getting things done. “Idiots like this (who most likely don’t play golf) have no clue just how much business can be performed on a golf course,” Flynn Jr. wrote. Naturally, if that holds true, the right’s criticism of President Obama’s golfing, consisting of Trump’s own disparaging remarks, were equally misguided.

Lest you believe the planting of trees was an effort to balance out the carbon impact of Trump’s frequent travels to his Winter White House, CNN noted that a white van was likewise utilized to obstruct the station’s view at that exact same area earlier in the week– which the car moved anytime CNN’s cameraman did.

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“Again, this follows the pattern of Donald Trump to say throughout the project he was never going to play golf, or slam President Obama and after that he’s essentially outstripped President Obama’s 8 years in his first year as president of playing golf,” Michael Nutter, the previous mayor of Philadelphia, provided on CNN. “It’s just consistent with his lying and doing something else.” (You can enjoy the complete section on

CNN.) The Hill reports that President Trump is back on the golf course today.

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