New Book: White House Staffers Call Ivanka Trump the President’s “Real Wife” and Hope Hicks His “Real Daughter”

New Book: White House Staffers Call Ivanka Trump the President’s “Real Other half” and Hope Hicks His “Real Daughter”

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Staffers refer to Ivanka as Trump's wife and Hope Hicks as Trump's daughter

In a Hollywood Press reporter column, author Michael Wolffshed some light on the time he spent as a fly on the wall of various West Wing offices for his tell-all Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White Home. Wolff reported a few of the behind the scenes shit talk of the beleaguered White House staffers, including how they define his relationship with the very first child and senior presidential adviser have actually been bandied about since Ivanka and her hubby Jared Kushner made instant strategies to move to D.C. in preparation for their White Home roles following the election while Melania Trump opted to stay cloistered in Trump Tower until boy Barron ended up out his school year. It’s also been noted that President Trump trusts Hicks as much as he does his instant family, often referring to her by< a href = target=_ blank rel ="noopener noreferrer”> pet names like”Hopie” and”The Hopester.”A 2016 New york city Times profile of the then campaign press secretary associated Hicks’s efficiency as a gatekeeper, in part, to “knowing, for circumstances, not to bother Mr. Trump while he is enjoying a significant golf competition.”

The White Home sounds like a truly enjoyable place to work.Bull Sessions.Sign up for

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