Netflix’s Korean Film “Okja” Receives 4 Minute Standing Ovation At Cannes — Koreaboo

Netflix‘s very first Korean initial movie Okja was revealed at the Cannes Film Festival and received a standing ovation despite technical difficulties.The bilingual Korean movie Okja is a funny that sheds light on GMO items and the principles involving GMO foods, and stars internationally recognized actors such as Tilda Swanton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Steven Yeun , and Korean child actor Ahn Seo Hyun. Ahn Seo Hyun in Okja. The movie, directed by Snowpiercer’s Bong Joon Ho, was shown at the 2017 Cannes Movie Celebration and got a four-minute standing ovation, in spite of the debates thatarose regarding Bong Joon Ho’s choice in dealing with Netflix.The National Federation of French Cinemas and the Cannes Film Festival had formerly talked about whether they need to include a movie that was released on the streaming giant instead of being released in the movie theaters as a cinematic production.Despite its previous controversies and the technical problem it suffered throughout its showing at the festival, such as the misalignment of the screen that cut off the stars’faces for several minutes, those in the audience really valued the stunning message

of the film and were extremely impressed with the actors’efficiencies. Steven Yeun in Okja. The Cannes Film Festival has had several slip-ups with Korean films in the past, such as using the incorrect photos of stars or

crediting the wrong names, but quickly said sorry for their accidents and took full obligation for them.Okja will be offered on Netflix beginning June 28. Enjoy the trailer for Okja below!Source:< a href=""data-wpel-link="external"target="_ blank"rel="external noopener noreferrer">LA Times and


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