Neil Cavuto Faces Off With Democratic Rep. Calling on Trump to Resign

On Fox Organisation Network today, Neil Cavuto faced off with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee over her call for President Trump to resign after his tweets assaulting Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough:

She states in the video above that she’s gone through impeachments in the past, but stated, “We can’t wait that long. It is time for you to resign. Enough is enough. I like America. I love these people. And we require a Commander-in-Chief.”

Cavuto confronted her about this and raised the “coarse” language from presidents past. She argued that he is “incompatible” with the office, and in addition to problems like Russia and James Comey, his “continuous assault on ladies” just includes to it.She called Trump “ill-suited” for the workplace, when Cavuto pressed her additional by saying “let the American people decide,” the congresswoman reacted by indicating the President’s low survey numbers.Jackson said she’s”going by his habits “in decrying his unfitness for office and Cavuto shot back by stating she simply doesn’t like him.They kept going back and forth, including on the question of the 25th change, and Cavuto asked her if she needs to be waiting on more evidence of something actionable.Jackson Lee said impeachment is a different matter, informing Cavuto,”I hope he does the best thing and resigns.”And yes, she is totally standing by this: I will not back down. The President has actually lost the trust of the American people and has to resign.!.?.!Watch the complete interview above, via Fox Business Network.


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