Nebraska Democrat Party Official: “I’m Glad (Scalise) Was Shot. I Wish He Was F***ING Dead!”

Leading Nebraska Democrat Party official Phil Montag, a previous member of Hillary Clinton’s Management Council, was captured on tape stating something shocking about Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) after he was shot practicing for the Congressional baseball game.As Circa reports, this top Democrat leader is backing deadly political violence:

A Nebraska Democratic Celebration official was ousted Thursday after audio recording emerged of him making offensive remarks about U.S. Representative Steve Scalise.Phil Montag, previous co-chair of the state party’s innovation committee, stated he wished Scalise was dead. I’m happy he got shot.
I’m not fucking stating that in public. I wish he was f ** king dead.– Phil Montag, former co-chair of tech committee Montag was eased of his volunteer

responsibilities after Nebraska Democratic Celebration Chair Jane Kleeb got audio recording of Montag’s remarks gotten by The World-Herald.”Wishing a Member of Congress or any specific dead is disgusting and has no location in our celebration,”Kleeb said.In an interview Thursday, Montag said he was

“horrified”by the shooting of Scalise and all gun violence and that his words were modified to be taken out of context.”I did not call for the congressman’s death,” Montag said.Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb verified to affiliate FOX 42 News Thursday it was Montag’s voice on the recording.Here is the audio:(LANGUAGE CAUTION)Nebraska Democrat Party official caught on tape saying’I’m grateful that motherfucker [

Scalise] got fucking shot, I wish he was fucking dead!’!.?.!— Josh Caplan( @joshdcaplan) June 23, 2017 This is inappropriate. It’s crossing a major line endorsing the murder of your political challengers, and it’s this sort of shameful rhetoric which motivated the Bernie Sanders-supporter to appear at the baseball practice and shoot.Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a real friend and patriot,

was badly injured but will totally recover. Our ideas and prayers are with him.– Donald J. Trump(@realDonaldTrump) June 14, 2017 What do you think about Phil Montag’s shameful comments?

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