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Portland Killer

Outrage remains in complete impact over the identity of the murderous killer who killed two guys in Portland. Apparently he made some rather anti-Islamic remarks, which stimulated mainstream media to waste no time at all before painting him as an ideal wing extremist. The only problem? Turns out he’s less Make America Great Again, more Feeling the Bern … Jeremy Joseph Christian, the 35-year-old Portland male who allegedly murdered 2 males and left another critically wounded while screaming anti-Muslim slurs in

a knife attack on Friday, has actually been painted by the mainstream media as a”right-wing extremist,”however posts on his Facebook page suggest he was a supporter of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.According to screen captures of his Facebook page gotten by Buzzfeed, Christian was not a Trump supporter, as numerous media outlets claimed, but was an advocate of the idea of a Sanders/Stein ticket

. Aaaand he was a Bernie Brother. Color me unsurprised. This

is Portland we’re speaking about after all, where the hipsters frolick and the coffee runs freely down neglected beards. Pretty sure you need to own a Prius in order to get a motorists ‘license there. Suffice it to state, Christian is not exactly what I ‘d call an extreme right extremist(read< a href=""> Dear’Men’Who Vote Bernie Sanders: You’re Not Guy At All.).”Spineless wimpling”is more fitting … After the election, Christian made a point of publishing to Facebook that he did not elect Trump … Stein, the Green Celebration prospect, tweeted about the attack, obviously uninformed of the post Christian made that was favorable to her.Another heartbreaking catastrophe in Trump’s America, as a white nationalist yelling anti-Islam slurs murders 2 on Portland, OR subway.< img src="" alt="reactin"width ="500"height="258" > In Stein’s rush to point fingers and name names, she forgot to have a look at this man’s


background– which seems to be heavily inspired by Bernie as much as herself. Sadly, none of those details were consisted of in her statement. Such held true with the media’s narrative. Talking gasbags were quick to toss around phrases like”white nationalist”and”ideal wing extremist, “yet we never ever heard them make any mention of his fixation with the Bernster. I make certain you can guess why.

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