Mod turns Fallout 4 into a dread-soaked horror experience

Fallout 4 can be a bit scary from time to time, and often shocking when ghouls come lunging towards you, but it’s not a horror game. You can make it one now, though, using a mod called Pilgrim– Dread the Commonwealth. Fear is definitely the best word: just enjoy the trailer above and see Fallout 4 developed into what looks like a mix of the Stalker games and The Roadway. It’s bleak, yo.Pilgrim integrates a horror-based ENB with an overhaul of Fallout 4’s weather condition system, mentioning as inspiration the 2015 film The Witch, directed by Robert Eggers. In truth, future prepare for Pilgrim consist of changing your chipper faithful buddy Dogmeat with Black Philip, the amazingly ominous goat included in the film. In the meantime, the mod transforms your family pet pooch into a nightmarish hound with radiant eyes. I make sure he still loves you, though.

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