, Idaho, is accompanied upon return from lunch recess into the Ft. Bragg military court house on October 16, 2017 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (Picture: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images, 2017 Getty Images) FORT BRAGG, NC– The military judge commanding Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion case paused the sentencing Monday to think about whether remarks by President Donald J. Trump have unjustly affected the case.Bergdahl’s defense

group had actually formerly raised a movement to dismiss the case back in January, arguing that then-candidate Trump’s comments calling Bergdahl a”traitor”and suggesting he should be shot or thrown away of an airplane without a parachute made it difficult for the former detainee of war to get a reasonable trial.Col. Jeffrey Nance, the judge overseeing the case, denied the motion.

Although the governmental prospect’s comments were”troubling and frustrating,”they did not amount to unlawful command influence, Nance ruled.Defense attorney Eugene Fidell restored the motion Monday, the day Bergdahl’s

sentencing was set to begin. This time, Fidell indicated comments the president made to reporters recently when inquired about Bergdahl.”Well, I can’t comment on Bowe Bergdahl because he’s– as you know, they’re– I guess he’s doing

something today, as we understand. And he’s likewise– they’re setting up sentencing, so I’m not going to talk about him. However I think people have heard my remarks in the past,” Trump stated Oct. 16, inning accordance with an official White Home transcript.Fidell argued the answer amounted to recommendation-this time, by the Leader and Chief of the United States, instead of a blustering candidate-of his previous criticism of Bergdahl. The defense group played a clip of Trump at a project rally prior to his election, revealing incredulity at the concept that Bergdahl might wind up not serving time in jail for desertion and recommending Bergdahl ought to be shot.”If I get in, we will evaluate his case, I ensure you,” he told the cheering crowd.Fidell argued that Trump’s remarks in the Rose Garden Oct. 16″reconfirmed the project trail words and deeds.” Bergdahl has actually currently pleaded guilty to both desertion and wrongdoing prior to the enemy. The Hailey native was captured by the Taliban after walking off his post in Afghanistan in 2009, and spent 5 years as a prisoner of war prior to being released in 2014. KTVB traveled to North Carolina to cover Bergdahl’s sentencing from the courtroom.Bergdahl told Nance at the start of the hearing that he was not seeking to withdraw his plea. He came to the court house Monday wearing the Army’s dress blues consistent, and spent much of the hearing looking down at the table in front of him.He deals with up to life in prison.Fidell argued that the only method to reverse the unfair impact of Trump’s remarks would be for Nance to agree not to sentence Bergdahl to whenever behind bars.” Nothing less than public self-confidence in the administration of justice is at stake,” Fidell warned.”Taking confinement off the

table is absolutely necessary if the integrity of the military justice system is [to be] maintained.” But Maj. Justin C. Oshana, the prosecutor, argued that Trump’s Rose Garden action-

“however I believe people have actually heard my comments in the past”-did not total up to incorrect influence. Instead, the words “recognize that [the remarks] were made and that individuals had actually heard them,” he said.Oshana added that the president did not show that he still held the same viewpoint of Bergdahl’s case when he alluded to his previous statements Nance seemed unsatisfied with that explanation, calling Oshana’s analysis”strained. “The judge said he considered Trump’s pre-election declarations to be”campaign rhetoric created to humiliate a political opponent,”the same standard would not apply as soon as Trump was elected President.Oshana likewise pointed to a White House statement on military justice released Friday ahead of Bergdahl’s hearing.”Military justice is necessary to excellent order and discipline, which is vital to maintaining our armed forces as the best in the world. Each military justice case should be fixed by itself realities,”the statement reads. “The President expects all military personnel who are involved in any method in the military justice process to exercise their independent professional judgment, consistent with appropriate laws and regulations. There are no anticipated

or required dispositions, results, or sentences in any military justice case, besides those resulting from the specific realities and merits of a case and the application to the case of the basics of due process of law by officials exercising their independent judgment.”Nance informed Bergdahl and the lawyers that his own judgment had not been jeopardized by what Trump said. He said he had actually carefully avoided news about Bergdahl’s case, and had actually not seen Trump’s remarks till they showed up in the defense movement.” I don’t have any doubt whatsoever I can be fair and objective,”he said.But under military law, even the look of influencing or attempting to affect a choice is barred, regardless of whether the effort at pressure is not successful. Nance did not immediately rule on the motion.Bergdahl’s case has drawn controversy since his release in 2014, secured as part of a detainee swap with the Taliban. Authorities who had at very first applauded the soldier’s rescue criticized then-President Barack Obama’s decision to free 5 Taliban members in exchange for Bergdahl, especially as soon as details of his desertion came to light.

The town of Hailey canceled a planned celebration of his release after receiving threats.Many others, including members of his own platoon, state Bergdahl’s disappearance placed other soldiers in Afghanistan at threat as the Army rushed to find him. Inning accordance with the Associated Press, 3 service members were badly hurt while trying to find Bergdahl.Bergdahl informed private investigators he snuck away from his outpost in 2009 with plans to run about 20 miles to Forward Running Base Sharana in order to accentuate what he viewed as major problems and leadership errors within his unit.Bergdahl told an Army private investigator the strategy was to set off the Army’s missing soldier alert DUSTWUN -shorthand for Duty Status Location Unknown- in order to secure an audience with a basic to voice his issues.”Due to the fact that if I want to run the risk of leaving the wire at a defense point, in the middle of a battle zone, that we have been assaulted at, that we have actually been blown up at, on numerous celebrations, if this person wants to risk

doing that, and after that appears once again at the FOB, [the basic] is going to would like to know why and he is going to wish to pay attention to this guy,”Bergdahl told now-Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl in 2015, describing himself in the 3rd person.”And he has a need to do it, due to the fact that this man has actually gone out of his method. He has risked his own individual security. He has to have a great reason for it. He is going to ask me,”Why?”He is going to ask that individual,”Why?”That person is going to state, ‘Sir, these people, the BC, the sergeant significant, they are unfit their positions from exactly what I have actually seen.'”The sentencing will pick back up Wednesday at 10 a.m., without any court held either Tuesday or Friday. Testimony is slated to start next week. © 2017 KTVB-TV