Microsoft President Openly Threatens Trump

On Tuesday, Microsoft reacted highly to the Trump administration’s decision rescind DACA within the next six months.The business

stated that ICE will have “to go through us” to deport DREAMers who work at Microsoft.

“There is absolutely nothing that we will be pressing on more strongly for congress to act upon,” Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith remarked in an NPR interview.Smith stated that it will not be easy for the federal government to deport Microsoft employees who are DREAMers:” [The government’s] going to need to go through us to obtain that individual.”

Microsoft is the most current tech company to speak out against the relocation. Smith made similar comments in a public letter.Smith and Microsoft get in touch with Congress to”reprioritize the fall legislative calendar and move quickly with the new legislation to protect these 800,000 Dreamers.”Congress, which just went back to session on Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend, has a lot to deal with, consisting of tax reform.”As an employer, we value that Dreamers contribute to the competitiveness and economic success of our business and the whole country’s business neighborhood,”Microsoft stated.”In short, urgent DACA legislation is both a financial necessary and a humanitarian requirement.”Microsoft said it has 39 DACA recipients amongst its staff members which it will”exercise its legal rights properly to assist safeguard our employees,”even if Congress does not come to a decision on new legislation to replace or rescind DACA within six months. “Simply put, if Dreamers who are our staff members are in court, we will be by their side,”Microsoft said.SHARE on Facebook

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