Michelle Obama exposes what was in the Tiffany box Donald and Melania Trump offered her as an inauguration gift

  • Former very first lady Michelle Obama states the gift she received from first lady Melania Trump was a covered photo frame.But after getting the
  • present from her, Obama was uncertain of what to do with it.A popular GIF from the inauguration shows Obama awkwardly attempting to figure out exactly what to do with the covered box.Former very first lady Michelle Obama has finally exposed what remained in the blue Tiffany present box she

got from President Donald Trump and first girl Melania Trump at last year’s inauguration.In a sneak peek from the previous very first lady’s interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres, her very first because vacating the White Home, Obama said the incoming very first woman had given her a”lovely frame”on the steps of the White House, hours prior to the official swearing-in ceremony.Obama said what looked like a casual conference was really thoroughly crafted and rather ceremonial.”Well, there’s all this protocol. I indicate, this resembles a state see, so they inform you that’you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here.’Never previously do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like,’ok,'” Obama told Ellen.The exchange generated attention online for its small awkwardness– although Barack Obama and Donald Trump had fulfilled numerous times after the election, the inauguration meeting was the first time the 2 guys had actually fulfilled together with their better halves. viaGIPHY Trump gathered some backlash for apparently abandoning his partner as she left the car. Once everyone was where they had to be, however, the couples greeted each other with handshakes and cheek-kisses, however after getting the covered frame from Melania, Michelle appeared not sure where to put

it.”What am I expected to do with this present?”Michelle recalled herself believing.”And everyone cleared out and nobody would come and take package. And I’m believing do we take the photo with [it]” Fortunately however, the out-going president swooped into relieve the circumstance.

“And then my spouse saved the day– see he grabbed package and took it back inside,” Michelle said.Ellen’s interview with Obama is set to air Thursday night.NOW VIEW: Rundown videos Organisation Expert Emails & Alerts Site highlights every day to your inbox.Follow Business Insider Australia on

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