Meryl Streep Wants Melania, Ivanka Trump to Speak About #MeToo

As quickly as Hollywood erupted in a considering work environment harassment and sexual misconduct, individuals questioned why industry figures didn’t speak out earlier– and numerous slammed Meryl Streep for her initial silence on the concern.

In an interview released by the New York Times on Wednesday, Streep says her own participation in the motion should not be the centerpiece.

“I do not wish to hear about the silence of me,” Streep said in the interview. “I wish to find out about the silence of Melania Trump. I desire to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to state. Therefore does Ivanka. I desire her to speak now.”

Streep and her co-star Tom Hanks spoke with theTimes in anticipation of their film The Post. The conversation turned from the motion picture to President sexual abuse of his female coworkers.”The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has horrified those of us

whose work he promoted, and those whose excellent and deserving causes he supported,” Streep stated in a declaration to the Huffington Post.A conservative street artist install posters around Los Angeles of Streep next to Weinstein and with her eyes obstructed out by text that stated,”She knew.” The artist ultimately confessed he only presumed the actress understood about theabuse prior to the allegations surfaced.Top Ten Celebrities with popular Youtube Channels Check out the Times’full interview with Streep and Hanks here.

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