Meme Discusses Exactly Why Trump is a Racist Again

After Racism Claims, Trump Support From Blacks and Hispanics Climbs– by was the first to report that in new ballot, black and Hispanic men authorize of Trump’s performance in numbers that belie the heated debate:

In every age, and at every level of education, about twice as many African American men as women offered Trump favorable marks. In all, 23 percent of black guys approved of Trump’s performance versus 11 percent of black women. “The outlier here isn’t [black] guys … it’s [black] females, where you have near-universal disapproval of Trump,” stated Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster who studies African American citizens. Still, black guys are one of the few groups for which Trump’s 2017 average approval ranking significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share.Among Hispanics,

men were also much more likely than women to express favorable views about Trump. Amongst Hispanic males older than 50, Trump’s approval noticeably went beyond 40 percent. However a minimum of three-fifths of Hispanic ladies in every age group(including both those with and without a college degree)disapproved. Trump’s 2017 approval ranking slightly surpassed his 2016 vote share amongst Hispanic men, and was slightly below it among Hispanic ladies. Given that Trump got eight percent of the black vote and 28 percent of the Latino vote, these numbers are monstrous.And they likewise suggest that groups within the minority community definitely don’t think lockstep with Don Lemon or anybody else.Breitbart

notes that the above survey isn’t an outlier:

A 2nd survey by CBS of 2,164 grownups conducted in early January showed a similar level of African-American assistance for Trump. The CBS’ 14 percent rating included 10 percent who pointed out the standard rule of politics: “I am a Trump advocate, however to keep my assistance, he needs to deliver exactly what I desire.”

And Trump certainly has actually provided, with record low black unemployment and an economy that is skyrocketing. The joblessness rate among black Americans is lower now than at any time considering that the early 1970s– and that’s just when they started collecting that kind of data. During the height of the Great Economic Downturn under Barack Obama, black joblessness was close to 17 percent. Now, that number is 6.8 percent. In general the joblessness rate stands at 4.1 percent.

For Hispanics, the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent. Under President Obama, that rate was as high as 12.1 percent.But fortunately doesn’t stop there. In the CBS poll, 22 percent of black voters concurred with the declaration: “I protest Trump now, however might reassess him if he does a good job.”

For most Americans– black, white, Hispanic– it matters little whether or not President Trump called poverty-stricken nations “sh * tholes.” What matters is whether they can provide for America and keep us from ending up being a sh * thole over here.Certainly, that

matters more than Trump’s off-color remarks or his “salty” language, do not you think?

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