Melania Trump’s Parents Getting here In United States Through ‘Chain Migration’ Is Unproven Claim

Melania Trump’s moms and dads emigrated to the United States through family reunification visas is an unverified claim. While President Donald Trump has actually refuted the use of “chain migration” with regards to the country’s migration concern, social media users have shared a post on Twitter claiming that the First Lady’s moms and dads, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, are an ideal example of the hypocrisy of the Trump adoration with its stance on immigration.Trump has called the

practice of “chain migration “as a risk to national security in spite of. Melania Trump got her permit in 2001 and ended up being a citizen 5 years later on. Now, social networks users are questioning whether her moms and dads are an example of “chain migration.”Chain migration is a term used by demographers since the 1960s to describe the social process by which migrants from a particular town follow others from that town to a particular location city or neighborhood.The post includes an image of the first woman’s parents, Viktor and Amalija

Knavs, below the caption: Here are Melania’s Moms and dads. Viktor and Amalija Knavs. They reside in the United States Permanently now due to the fact that of Chain Migration after Melania’s visa Expired & she stayed here illegally and married Donnie for Citizenship. None of them have a degree or a job.Here are some examples of individuals sharing it about Melania Trump’s moms and dads and chain migration.Yes, your spouse knows a thing or 2 about chain migration.

initially girl Melania Trump’s parents live at least a substantial part of the year in New york city, where they reside at Trump Tower. Her sis, Ines Knauss, likewise lives in New York.!.?.!— Norm Clark #ImpeachTrump (@Normsmusic ) February 6, 2018 Melania Trump’s moms and dads here now 2nd to CHAIN MIGRATION, after she lived here illegally … Melania Trump’s daddy is the very same age as her partner.!.?.!— Shawna Z-S(@zup4girl ) February 9, 2018

Stop the chain migration of @MELANIATRUMP’s family. They are destroying America!!.?.!— Jayme Kortokrax(@quartocracks) February 10, 2018 @MELANIATRUMP parents Viktor and Amalija Knavs live in the United States completely now bc of Chain Migration.After Melania’s visa expired, sheremained in the USA Illegally and wed @realDonaldTrump just for the Citizenship.Viktor and Amalija don’t have

United States. The

Michael J. Wildes, stating”Mrs. Trump did not receive her green card through marital relationship. Rather, in 2000, Mrs. Trump self-sponsored herself for a permit as a model of”amazing capability,”and on March 19, 2001, she was confessed to the United States as a legal long-term homeowner. Based on this timeline, Mrs. Trump ended up being eligible for citizenship in 2006, after five years of continuous long-term residence.” Huffington Post reported that the Knavses are living in the United States to care for their child’s child. Thus, it is simple to comprehend why some believe that the present

U.S. migration law prefers the fortunate. For instance, Melania Trump might have petitioned for her parents to immigrate to the United States. Even if Melania Trump selected not to sponsor her moms and dads for long-term residence, Huffington Post said the law affords numerous methods to bring her family here for extended periods.What do you think about Melania Trump’s parents having possibly migrated to the United States through comparable means that the president is aiming to get rid of? Do you think that they have done so? Do you agree with Trump’s immigration policies? Let us understand in the remarks section.Recommended for You< a target =_ blank href=" "> Webcast, February 13th: Developing a Total Sales Funnel from Facebook Ads Photo

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