Melania Trump’s National #ReadABookDay Tweet Draws Mixed Reactions from Social Media

First Woman Melania Trump celebrated National Read A Book Day with a tweet that captured the attention of many on social networks Wednesday. The FLOTUS encouraged her followers to check out a book and expand their minds to the mark the event, which is observed each year on Sept. 6.

“On National #ReadABookDay I encourage everybody to check out a book,” the very first woman tweeted Wednesday morning. “Let every page inform you & & take you on an amazing journey!” report that declared he”does not check out books. “Maggie Haberman alleged that Trump ended his evenings by viewing television. Trump’s “The Art of the Offer” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz likewise said in 2015,”I seriously doubt that Trump has ever check out a book directly through in his adult life.”

See how social networks reacted to the first lady’s #ReadABookDay tweet below:

Social Media Reacts to Melania Trump’s Tweet about National Read A Book Day

She might wish to begin by encouraging her other half to read a novel. Word has it fiction increases compassion for others.!.?.!Make sure your hubby reads something that isn’t really a white

nationalist Twitter account.Great message particularly for our children! Checking out unlocks to a world of

knowledge permitting us to make informed choices & options!!.?.!This is an excellent idea, well done Exists a book I can check out avoiding cyberbullying, given that you clearly aren’t going to do anything about it? Especially your husband

Presume your other half will be colouring his book.Like a science book or some climate change facts? ♂ Exactly what are your thoughts on Melania Trump’s tweet about National Read A Book Day? How are you celebrating today? Noise off in the remarks area below!Recommended for You


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