Melania Trump’s latest disaster zone look? White jeans

W hen Tropical Storm Harvey hit Houston, Texas last month, Melania Trump perhaps unintentionally became the subject of media ridicule.America’s First Girl was accused of impersonating a caricature, an out of touch billionaire, and like someone on their way to a’ Leading Weapon reunion ‘rather than on their way to assist, thanks to her choice of a khaki satin bomber coat and pilot glasses as she boarded Flying force One. “Is Melania flying Marine One or exists a Leading Gun reunion in Texas?” one Twitter user asked, as the paparazzi zoomed in to take photos of Mrs Trump’s four-inch Manolo Blahnik stilettos sinking in the grass on the White House lawn.’Not an expert, but are stiletto heels the finest footwear for a disaster zone?’another quipped, as more than 5,000 individuals shared the post. Trump using Manolo Blahnik shoes as she went to Texas

in August o when Melania flew to Florida today for

rundowns on the relief efforts underway to help those impacted by the most current natural disaster to hit the US, Typhoon Irma, it appeared she was figured out to not let the headings have to do with a style faux pas. Mrs Trump leaving the White Home today ccompanying her hubby, the President Donald Trump, the FLOTUS boarded Flying force One in Chanel shoes and a clever monochrome ensemble. By the time she showed up in Florida, nevertheless, she was decidedly more dressed-down in Reverse fitness instructors, a khaki shirt and jeans.C ritics will be quick to explain that white jeans is nearly as impractical in a flood zone as one of her signature power sheath gowns might be. But in the Trump age, this is

an effort to be relatable, and not fancy-which’s something, a minimum of to take note of.


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