Melania Trump Tweets Photo From Camp David — Twitter Freaks Out

On June 17, 2017, First Lady Melania Trump, joined kid Barron and spouse President Donald Trump on the family’s very first check out to Camp David. Signing up with the First Household was Melania Trump’s moms and dads Viktor and Amalija Knav, as reported by ABC News. Melania rapidly tweeted a photo from Camp David on Twitter with the caption she and her family were enjoying their family weekend. Though many fans quickly wished the family a happy father’s day and suggested President Trump get a long time to rest, others weren’t as favorable about the weekend trip. Some utilized Twitter to suggest Trump resign as president, Melania divorce Trump, and even compose a tell-all book for millions. Others looked to the Camp David photo and kept in mind that Melania, Barron, and Trump were missing from the photo, as some indication things weren’t as happy as they seem.Here is the

image Melania Trump tweeted from Camp David.Here are some Twitter responses.Please persuade Donald to resign.

America is terrified he will kill all of us. Thank you. Amen #Resist Are you using invisibility cloaks?The actions continued with some making innuendos regarding President Trump’s tweets about being investigated due to the firing of F.B.I. director James Comey. Some cautioned Melania to leave President Trump before he takes her down with him. Some opted to interrupt Melania Trump’s holiday tweet by advising her that a frustrating proportion of United States people believe President Trump must be impeached. Some even provided advice stating if Melania Trump were to divorce Donald now, they might renegotiate their marital prenuptial agreement.Melania, threaten to divorce him now! Maximum leverage right now, he’ll have to renegotiate the prenup!!! The debate following Melania’s Camp David twitter image continued and after that degenerated into a fight between Trump’s supporters and those who explained themselves as liberals and part of the resistance. Many Twitter users pointed out that President Trump has actually taken a lot of weekend sees to

Florida considering that getting in the Oval Workplace, lots of were delighted that he was spending Dad’s Day with Melania and Barron.Camp David is located in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park. Due to the First Household’s check out, the National Park Service provided a notice that specific parts of the park would be closed due to increased security. The notification stated the affected area of the park would be closed until 5:30 p.m. ET, Sunday, June 18, 2017. Those preparation on checking out the park throughout Father’s Day weekend would have to find somewhere else to go. What is your response to Melania Trump’s Camp David Twitter picture? [Included Image by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]

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