Melania Trump threatens lawsuit over English class billboard

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP)– Billboards including Melania Trump and the slogan “just imagine how far you can choose a bit of English” were eliminated Tuesdayfrom the Croatian capital after her lawyer threatened a lawsuit.The billboards belonged to a marketing project by a personal English language school in Zagreb, which attempted to encourage Croats to find out English by reminding them of the Slovenian-born U.S. first lady’s personal experience.But Mrs. Trump did decline what was obviously indicated to

be a joke about her English, talked with a heavy accent. Her Slovenian attorney demanded that the billboards, showing Melania Trump providing a speech standing before a fluttering American flag, be right away gotten rid of.”I’m satisfied with that the school confessed that they broke the law and that they are

ready to remove the billboards and (Facebook)ads,” legal representative Natasa Pirc-Musar informed The Associated Press.”We are still analyzing possible further legal steps.” Melania Trump has hired the law practice to protect her image, which has actually appeared on different items in her native Slovenia, consisting of cakes, underclothing and tourist advertisements.Pirc-Musar stated that the Croatian school has apologized for the signboards, but that the declaration likewise has to be released by the Croatian and Slovenian state news companies.

“We are really sorry that the billboards were misunderstood as something meant to mock the United States first girl,”Ivis Buric, a spokeswoman for the school, American Institute, stated.

“It was suggested to be something positive, to show her as a good example.”Buric confessed that the brief ad campaign ended up being”really effective”due to the fact that of the wide publicity it got both in your area and internationally. She said that the school intends to put up

brand-new billboards, this time without Melania Trump’s image.Melania Trump was born in surrounding Slovenia as Melanija Knavs. She left Slovenia in her 20s to pursue a worldwide modeling career prior to fulfilling Donald Trump at a Fashion Week celebration in New york city in 1998. AP Writers Ali Zerdin in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Dusan Stojanovic in Belgrade, Serbia, contributed. LOAD COMMENTS()


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