Melania Trump Posts Twitter Image In FEMA Fulfilling: Twitter Marvels Why Melania Is Being Briefed On Hurricane

First Girl Melania Trump published an image to Twitter, showing Melania, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence in a FEMA meeting at Camp David. As seen below, Melania composed that she signed up with President Trump and the Pences in the briefing by FEMA for Hurricane Irma– and Melania included a message thanking the very first responders in the storm, with wishes that they remain safe. Melania’s Hurricane Irma FEMA conference image and message has brought more questions for some people on Twitter– with plenty of folks asking Melania why she was being briefed in a FEMA meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence.In the reply area of Melania’s image, Twitter users are asking concerns that vary from whatever to Mar-a-Lago’s possible use as a shelter during the typhoon to those who have comments about what they declare is Melania’s unsuitable existence in a FEMA briefing. One Twitter user joked that Melania was using the best FEMA instruction sweatshirt. It appears as if Melania wore a beige coat with large brown buttons and spacious sleeves for the FEMA rundown. Other Twitter users commented that Melania had no place in a meeting that worried the security of the nation.Not all Twitter responders had bad words for Melania due to the FEMA conference picture.

Some applauded Melania for being there and for sending the update. However, others wrote that they were truly interested in President Trump’s mental stability, so they prompted Melania to send an indication and blink to send signals to audiences to let the country know if Melania was alright. Plenty of Twitter users are accusing Melania of using the FEMA meeting and Twitter post as an image chance, while others are thanking Melania for her presence and letting her know that she is in their prayers.On Facebook, the First Lady Melania Trump page is also getting a huge response to Melania’s FEMA conference photo. With almost 3,000 Facebook reactions and hundreds of remarks and shares, Facebook users are either praising or criticizing Melania– with a minimum of one Facebook user asking Melania to offer FEMA a female’s touch to assist improve rescue efforts.< img src= alt= Melania width=512 height=341 > [Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images] [Included Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

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