Melania Trump Posts Cyclone Message: ‘Stay Safe! Ideas And Prayers Of A Whole Country Are With You!’

First Girl Melania Trump turned to social media to share her prayers for the safety of those near Hurricane Harvey. As seen on the Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images] Whereas some people wrote that they were pleased of Melania’s comments, others devolved into arguments with Melania’s fans as they went back and forth on Twitter and Instagram below Melania’s posts. Among Melania’s Instagram commentators wrote that President Trump was a nationwide humiliation who is not fit to be president. The person then asked why Melania waits Trump and supports “his hateful program.” As seen in lots of other talk about Melania’s social media pages, Melania’s prayer for security in the middle of the cyclone became arguments over her other half’s newest political decisions.Conversations about President Trump pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as reported by NPR, along with Trump doubling down on keeping transgender individuals out of military were had in the shadow of the storm. Trump was implicated of performing these acts when the nation was concentrated on the cyclone, as if attempting to do these things without a great deal of fanfare.

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