Melania Trump Mural Includes Prominently in Dictator-Themed Tunisian Restaurant

Grilled Liberty “and”Anarchy.” In its menu are”Opposition,””Putsch,” a”Citizen”salad, and a dish titled”Fascism, “which features grilled bread with cheese, avocado, salmon, shrimps, arugula, tomatoes, and cherries drizzled with balsamic cream. The”Salazar”pasta is called after Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, the late dictatorof Portugal. Pictures and caricatures of different dictators are displayed on a prison-like function in Dining establishment Le Dictateur. [Image by Le Dictateur/Facebook] Tunisians, consisting of the restaurant owner, Seif Ben Hammouda, understand a thing or two about dictatorships. The North African country was under overbearing rule for decades. It was just in 2011 when

the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was fallen by a revolution.During the high-handed regime, no one was allowed to discuss the dictatorship. Hammouda wished to take advantage of the nation’s new-found

liberty to reveal oneself and he found the ideal opportunity to do so with his service endeavor.”Dictatorship was a taboo topic for decades, and it’s still very relevant here as efforts continue to bring liberty and democracy.”Thanks to the 2011 revolution, the Restaurant Le Dictateur owner now has

every right to reveal his own views consisting of those concerning dictators. It stays to be seen, nevertheless, if Hammouda will ultimately enter legal problem for using the image of Melania Trump in his restaurant and rather

showing that she comes from the ranks of the world’s most well-known totalitarians in history. [Included Image by Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images]

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