U.S. very first woman, Melania Trump, avoided the very first part of the program for spouses put together as part of the Group of 20 top in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday.Other partners

— including Joachim Sauer, the partner of German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Brigitte Macron, the spouse of French President Emmanuel Macron; and Philip May, the partner of British Prime Minister Theresa May– set off on a boat trip of the Hamburg harbour as planned.Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the better half of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

took their 3-year-old son, Hadrien, along.The group is next scheduled to have lunch prior to going to a climate research centre, a part of the check out

Sauer insisted upon and which is viewed as somewhat controversial, offered President Donald Trump’s current relocation to pull the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on environment change.The spouses are fulfilling while their partners deliberate in Hamburg’s primary conference centre.mike A terrorist is HALF ineffective after an arrest since his bio-metrics and DNA need to have been tracked … This innovation is really affordable by outsourcing, offered that the US sees our sincerity to put

  • politics aside just to eliminate BH … Advise this pastor of the ‘great Shepherd ‘who left 99 sheep for the only 1 missing out on sheep in the bible. Here, 219 women are still missing.Wähala Someone biko, tell fake Prophet Ikechukwu to zip his mouth about things he understands nada about. He needs to call on the on-going Confab to ban mushroom churches like his and authorize only traditional Christian faiths like Catholic, Anglican, Methodist etc, prior to he dabbles into nat’l security


    . Running a 3yr-old prayer group he calls’ church’does not make him an authority on captive negotiation and rescue operation. Fact is, the Nigerian government is privately negotiationg for the release of the girls, they’re just not keen on paying the BH money together with the detainee swap for the Chibok girls. Makes good sense since with kudi, Boko Haram terrorists can continue to arm themselves and stay in the spiral of violent criminal activities. The offer Mallam Ahmed Salkida worked out was for the release of low-risk, non-combatant Boko Haram prisoners, their other halves and kids that Nigerian Govt. is illegally detaining, and some informants and sympathizers … not hardcore killers or infantryman like suicide bombers/planners in custody. So, plainly, phony Prophet Ikechukwu does unknown the techniques of exactly what he’s talking about, he’s just looking for low-cost and unjust political attention … Oko-oko! New Period KGB SAnuSI Dont constantly remain in a rush to condemn due to the fact that everyone are sinners myke oghene The Nigerian soldiers must be intelligent enough to lay consistent ambush along the exit points of the Boko Harams at the Sambisa forest. At the climax Ariel barrage of part of the forest followed by land attack need to be motivated. The Boko

    • Harams have been

      • assaulting Chibok towns with many

      • Hillux

        vans and motor cycles. Where are they loaded and why is the flying force not badgering these

    • vehicles?Chiemele Exactly what about planting

      trackers on them prior to releasing them. In these days of advance Satellite tech there are so much alternatives. Something don’t fulfill the eye in this fight against BH. Seeing Shekau’s video, I do not see in that man the genius required to change a motley rag tag sect into a now well organised killing machine attacking and destroying at will. Is the prediction of Nigeria breaking down in 2015 divine or to be orchestrated?

    • Who’s function does it serve.

      History has it that nations that have actually so separated, do not to date have peace. Consider Sudan. The Arab spring, today the shittes, sunny, alawites, kurds are blowing themselfs to bits and eliminating Christians. Was it much better or even worse under Saddem, Ghadaffi or Muburak. Today, Syria is a theater of war, a test zone for new weapons. Who’s purpose does this serve? Is BH meant to trigger spiritual and ethnic cleaning, are haters in social networks online forums simply acting the script? As we must continue to prompt the Federal government on with the fight versus this homicidal sect, we should aim to get the moderates to our side. Sprewing hate versus all Moslems is counter productive.mike of coz it is very possible to track them with no tracker … Their DNA suffices to be fed to any of the American Bio-sensing satellites. The only issue is that Americans still believes that B/H is essential to our”politics” loving government.Chiemele vertaalbureau.alfabet Praying woin’t help, that’s for sure. Swap Boko women and children.Polygan Why ar you men hanging their release on Jonathan when you ar all stakeholders? please answer me. Organize urself and enter the forest or anywhere and revive our ladies, please north … Papa Europa What BH requires is a release of their members while the ones at Sambisa forest constantly do’

      release’on the poor innocent girls! The insurgents can be poisoned so that within a couple of days after their release, they would go house and would not have the chance to see the bright day light again.Tony Thanks a million for this sensible short article and the knowledge from above. Most crucial concerns to be asked has been currently

      • enumerated. However the standard

  • hatred from Boko Damage to humanity or mankind sticks out? No religion on the planet support the killing of individual or persons through the shedding of blood for no justcause.If some of

    us are privileged to see the method of killings which are barbaric or unrefined in nature then one will have no doubt however to ask– are the killers Nigerians and from which part of the North or somewhere else are they

  • from and or are these

    persons you are eliminating not related by marital relationship or kinsmen or are the killers ignorant of the law of nature or are they from the darkest continent of the world. Please stop the killings of GOD’S creation and spread like as mandated from our creator.Repentance and change of state of mind is required prior to freedom.Please for God’s sake Nigerians are excellent

  • and patient individuals and therefore we do not require the agents of darkness in our nation as Nigeria go better.



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