Melania Reacts to Charlottesville Riots And The Web Responds Instantly (TWEETS).

While a bunch of white supremacists collect in Charlottesville, Virgina, since they’re apparently pissed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is going to be taken down, the remainder of the nation is reacting to the hatred and violence.One person who

was extremely silent was Donald Trump, who has only simply put up really dull, blanket statements surrounding the riots in Charlottesville, not really stating which side is the despiteful side. Interesting, right?We ALL must be joined & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no location for this sort of violence in America. Lets come together as one!Am in Bedminster for conferences & interview on V.A. & all that we have done, and are doing, to

make it better-but Charlottesville sad!Especially fascinating considering he’s so & hateful himself.But exactly what the web appears to really be responding to is the tweet from Melania Trump, who actually tweeted prior to her other half, however still hasn’t gotten her anti-online bullying effort began. Probably since that would suggest calling out her husband.”Our country motivates liberty of speech, but let’s interact w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence. Our country motivates freedom of speech, but let’s interact w/o hate in our hearts.

No good comes from violence. #Charlottesville Of all, is she condemning the white supremacy or not? It’s definitely not extremely clear. If she thinks individuals shouldn’t communicate with hate in their hearts, she should probably forward that message to her partner thinking about that’s all he seems to know how to do.The web was quick to react and let her know

if she’s gon na condemn hate speech, it must start at home: Please start tweeting for your husband.Start at home prior to you preach to us.Exactly-your words are hypocritical Melania If a Muslim was involved @realDonaldTrump would’ve currently responded. But complete silence from POTUS when it’s 2000 white supremacists!That uncomfortable minute when we hear from FLOTUS first– before her husband.Not enough. Type the words: white supremacy is wrong. Type the words: the occasion was a repellent idea.

Type the words: I protest racism You have a

great deal of nerve. You sit at table with Seb Gorka

& Steve Bannon & then act like your hubby has absolutely nothing to do with this

?? This isn’t really sufficient. You can do better than a half-hearted rebuke of violence, while neglecting the racist message of the Nazi Alt-Right. This is Trump’s America ☢ Featured Photo

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