Meghan McCain Devitalizes Sen. Gillibrand For Stating That Sexual Attack Is Just A Republican Problem

Meghan McCain Devitalizes Sen. Gillibrand For Stating That Sexual Attack Is Only A Republican Issue

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Democratic Senator Gillibrand went onto ‘The View’ and argued that Republicans have a big issue with concealing sexual assault. Advantage Meghan McCain existed to shut her up and put her in her place.

“There are numerous accusations of sexual attack and harassment versus him, and the near silence is deafening coming from the Republicans. I truly believe this must not have to do with any one party, this must not be partisan, this type of behavior is not all right, it is not appropriate, we require responsibility, and I think Republicans ought to show much more management than they are today, and they require to speak up and send the cash back, and hold their own liable,” argued Gillibrand.

“Let’s talk about Trump first. He has multiple claims, over a lots accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, he should resign because of that. He should be held responsible. I have actually not heard that from any Republicans,” stated Gillibrand. Umm perhaps since they are simply accusations without any proof?

Meghan McCain had the best response. “Supposedly Hillary Clinton is under fire for covering for a top consultant who was implicated of sexual harassment back in 2007. She docked his pay and made him seek counseling, but enabled him to remain on. And ladies declare his harassment continued. You were a longtime advocate of the Clintons and consider her a mentor. Do you think her action this weekend was suitable?” asked McCain.

Unexpectedly Gillibrand was tongue connected. “Well, as you understand, I think these things have to be handled whether you’re a Democrat, whether you’re a Republican, you require transparency, responsibility, and nobody is above criticism. In that case, I do not know all the details,” stated Gillibrand. Take a look at the video listed below.

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