Meet Paul Nehlen, the hate-baiting Republican aiming to unseat Paul Ryan

The stumble into obvious Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore, who Nehlen called a “great Christian male.” By falling out with Bannon, he was eliminated from Breitbart, which he declared “is run largely by Jewish folks,” and his writing was gotten rid of from the website.

He also explained his Twitter fight with John Podhoretz, the Jewish pundit and editor of Commentary Publication, who he said assaulted him with “terrible tweets.” Nehlen then responded: “Do all of us a favor, Podhoretz. Eat a bullet.” This triggered another avalanche of condemnation. Nehlen admitted his tweet to the editor and New york city Post columnist might have been “inartful” but then called him “an evil, fat circus animal” who “demonstrates the worst qualities of humankind.”

As in the past, Nehlen described his villains as “folks who occur to be Jewish.”

“We on the alt-right call that another ‘Cohen-cidence,'” Duke laughed.

Till recently, the Anti-Defamation League had stayed quiet about Nehlen, decreasing to talk about an earlier Haaretz short article about him. However last week, the group Paul Nehlen is an Anti-Semitic Clown,” which explained him as a politician who “likes being disliked.”

Nehlen, Atlantic writer Emma Green observed, presented the political establishment and the media with the “impossible dilemma.” “To overlook his hate is to run the risk of letting it spread out and fester,” she composed. “To loudly knock it is to risk enabling him to co-opt the outrage for his own ends. Once made, the phenomenon exists; once fed, the giant grows. It becomes difficult not to discuss him– and difficult not to dislike doing so.”

Following his appearance on the Duke radio program, Nehlen published a list on Twitter designed to support his claim that the overwhelming bulk of his critics were Jewish.

14/ I’ve put together a list of “verified” Twitter users who have actually assaulted me * in just the last month alone * for my #AmericaFirst positions. Of those 81 people, 74 are Jews, while just 7 are non-Jews. Here is the list:!.?.!— Paul Nehlen(@pnehlen) January 30, 2018 In response, Twitter users decided to mockNehlen’s list-making with the

hashtag #OtherPaulNehlenLists.– Liberty( @LibertyJen) January 30, 2018 #OtherPaulNehlenLists Off-brand bleaches that work almost along with Chlorox for keeping bathrobes and hoods brilliant like new.– Alex Wild(@Myrmecos) January 30, 2018


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