Media shocked as President Trump RIPS NATO leaders to their faces: Stop sticking it to US taxpayers!

President Donald Trump stood prior to the members of NATO on Thursday and laid the law to their faces.The president berated the lots of members countries who are not paying the needed 2 percent of their GDP toward the organization.President Trump scolded the 23 of the 28 member nations that are not satisfying their responsibilities, and a commitment ceremony for NATO’s new headquarters.Trump just attempted to shake down the other NATO leaders. The search their faces. He doesn’t even get what NATO is.″A number of these countries owe enormous quantities of money from past years,”the president stated.”We need to offset the lots of years lost.”” This is unfair to the individuals and taxpayers of the United States,”he said.”If NATO countries made their full and total contributions, then NATO would be even more powerful than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism.”The gathered leaders looked surprised and

dismayed by the president’s candor.Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, newly chosen French President Emmanuel Macron and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel appeared disappointed as they spoke amongst themselves while the president delivered his speech.It was

the look of people who simply understood that there is a no-nonsense man in the White House these days.And lots of reporters noticed and were relatively as shocked.Even CNN’s Jim Acosta seemed impressed.Remarkable The President of the United States just stuck it to NATO.As were numerous on social media.Trump on NATO’s front yard: NATO countries owe”huge quantities of money to US taxpayers.

“< blockquote data-conversation ="none"data-lang=" en"> @CBSNews It’s about time someone spoke the truth.

@CBSNews Love how all those other globalists

look like they smelled a fart when Trump told them to pay up And while some on the left where aghast that the president asked NATO members to pay their fair share, others saw

the paradox in it.On taxes, the left desires everyone to “pay their reasonable share. “On NATO, the left is pissed Trump desires everyone to pay their reasonable share.Bernie:”Everyone requires to pay their reasonable share in taxes”Trump:”NATO members require to pay their fair share “Wake up! Get our complimentary early morning news blast


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