Marc Lamont Hill calls Trump’s NFL protest comments ‘vile and disgusting’

Temple University professor and CNN factor Marc Lamont Hill blasted President Donald Trump for the comments he made at a Huntsville, Alabama, rally Friday deriding NFL athletes objecting during the nationwide anthem.What did Marc

Lamont Hill say?.@marclamonthill!.?.! knocks Trump’s call for NFL owners to fire playerswho oppose the national anthem!.?.!— CNN(@CNN) September 23, 2017″This may be one of the most vile and revolting things

that president Trump has ever stated in a long and excellent list of repellent and disgusting things, “Hill said.”To call people exercising their First Change rights to oppose injustice’children of b ** ches,’when you don’t have that sort of language, he didn’t have that sort of language for Al Qaeda when they were cutting Americans ‘avoid,” he added.”He didn’t have that kind of language for people who were white supremacists, anti-Semite strolling through Charlottesville, in truth he called them ‘very great individuals,’so an anti-Semite is a really great person, and somebody who

is protesting injustice and violence against vulnerable individuals is somehow an SOB?”he continued. “That is a horrible language, that is a horrible language, but it’s reflective of a deep white supremacist impulse in Donald Trump’s mind, spirit, body and politics,”he concluded.Hill required to his Twitter account to encourage NFL owners and gamers to speak up against the president’s comments. Donald Trump’s most recent comments are a clear line in the sand for accountable players and owners. They MUST stand up and speak out.– Marc Lamont Hill (@marclamonthill )< a href= >

September 23, 2017 What did Trump state about the protesters?During a rally for Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), Trump launched into an attack on NFL gamers objecting throughout the nationwide anthem.”We appreciate our flag!” he stated.”Would not you love to see one of these NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag, to state Charlottesville, the president’s allies and representatives have clarified that Trump was referring to those who object to removing Confederate statues, not simply white supremacists. In fairness to Hill, Trump was really uncertain in his initial defense of the protesters at Charlottesville, a number of whom determined themselves as white nationalists.


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