Listen to Shabazz Palaces’ New Song With Thundercat, “Since C.A.Y.A.”

Listen to Shabazz Palaces’ New Song With Thundercat, “Because C.A.Y.A.”

From their forthcoming record Quazarz: Born upon a Gangster Star

Image by Burak Cingi/Redferns via Getty Images

Quazarz vs. The Envious Devices, and it is Born on a Gangster Star‘s “extra-spatial twin.”

Prior to “Given that C.A.Y.A.,” Shabazz shared ” Guest List interview with Ishmael Butler. In the age of Quazarz youth

, The Central District of Seattle, Washington shone wildly lively and pulsed strong like the muscles of the heart. Brave Forerunners, from warm points south, had actually shown up settled and quickly started to born and let loose dazzle of all sorts from this green remote. It was here on a bright, July day over a free lunch at the C.A.Y.A. baseball field viewing the Frontiersman smash an east side club to dust, that Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star– with confused fear then resolute decision– very first looked his dreams in the eye. Thee rest as they say, is mystery. The Heritage Home, Lowe’s Grocery and One Stop Burgers are gone; reality is, from that glorious date there remain few vestiges … I are among them.Watch Thundercat with Flying Lotus on’s “Over/Under”:


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