Liberal Media and Useful Pawns Unite To Remove Steve Bannon From White House…

The helpful pawns continue their efforts to take out President Trump’s National Security Advisor HR McMaster. But what they don’t realize, and the expert liberal activists do, is that eventually the only individual they are going to remove is strategist Steve Bannon.The exact same Damaged Conservatives that meant an ovation to House Speaker Paul Ryan (CPAC 2015)two months after passing Omnibus; the very same Battered Conservatives who cannot see the inherent risk produced by General Mike Flynn in November 2016; are now rushing to develop a binary option in between Steve Bannon and HR McMaster in the White House.Specifically due to the fact that of their picked method the efforts versus McMaster will result in President

Trump needing to decide between 2 senior administration officials, Bannon or Mcmaster; and in choosing which to keep, Bannon will be the biggest loser.Predictably the professional political left understand the best ways to video game out this dynamic. The expertly democrat are much better political strategists; and they are more than happy to play along, knowing exactly what to do. On the other hand, in their efforts to take down McMaster the helpful idiots and battered conservatives in conservative media are strolling obliviously into a familiar trap.The person the professional-political-left truly wish to target is Steve Bannon. Bannon represents everything the left-wing activists hate. They’ve already tried a couple of various methods to take him down and separate him from the presidency, without any quantifiable success.Enter the McMaster haters, cruzbots, damaged conservatives and useful idiots.It took about 24 hours for the professional left to identify the benefit, but as quickly as they did they instantly acted to fuel the angst against McMaster. They understand just how to play it out. Liberal activists are a lot more Machievellian-minded from years of tutelage at the knee of Alinsky’s ideologues.They understand e.x.a.c.t.l.y how to play this out, and develop a Win/Win. The real target is Bannon.The professional-left understand how to use the McMaster crisis as a chance to engage their real target. If leftists can help produce a division between Bannon

and McMaster they are more than willing to do so.Ultimately they know if they can force a binary-choice between McMaster and Bannon,

President Trump will need to select McMaster.The removal of Bannon, they predict, will infuriate the Trump base of assistance and ultimately offer the fracture needed to deteriorate the president.HR McMaster has the support of General John Kelly, President Trump’s brand-new Chief-of-Staff. McMaster likewise has the support and self-confidence from: Defense Secretary General Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Joint-Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford, Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA), Mike Pompeo(CIA )and ODNI Dan Coats.Do you actually think in a binary-choice in between political strategist Steve Bannon and Nat/Sec Advisor HR McMaster, Prsident Trump is going to rebuke the most senior intelligence and security authorities in his administration?No, actually. Stop and think about it.Follow the argument to its sensible conclusion.Do you truly anticipate to see President Trump fire National Security Advisor HR McMaster?The 2nd National Security Advisor released in 200 days?It’s not going to happen.If the antagonism continues the only loser will be Steve Bannon. The left-wing media and all of President Trump’s oppositional entities understand this truth is at completion of the present path.They could not be better.

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