Laura Ingraham DAMAGES Hillary’s ‘despicable level of ignorance’

Here’s an idea: if you do not know exactly what you’re speaking about, stopped talking, obtain informed on the subject, and then open your mouth. For years and years liberals all around the nation have actually utilized an “open-mouth-insert-foot” method to talking about weapons and gun control.

A couple of years ago, Congresswoman Laura Ingraham DESTROYS Hillary’s ‘despicable level of lack of knowledge’ Among Hillary’s most questionable donors hasn’t received a refund– oh, and they’re under investigation, too Outraged liberals DEMAND automated weapon ban– however there’s just ONE problem

Clinton tweeting about silencers– prior to even knowing exactly what weapons were utilized by the shooter– was more than conservative analyst Laura Ingraham could stand. Appearing on “Fox and Buddies,” Ingraham took the gloves off, and lit the previous First Woman up.

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Laura Ingraham DESTROYS Hillary’s ‘despicable level of ignorance’

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