Kimmel on losing Republican appeal: ‘I would do it again in a heart beat’

Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel in a new interview said he does not be sorry for talking politics even if it is reducing his popularity among Republican audiences.

“Yeah, I suggest, I saw, I do not know if it was a study or a survey, some combination of those 2 things, that, like, 3 years ago I was equally liked by Republicans and Democrats,” Kimmel informed a CBS News reporter when inquired about the threat in him becoming political about problems like health care and gun control during his show.ADVERTISEMENT “Then Republican numbers went way down

, like 30 percent or whatever. And, you understand, as a talk program host, that’s not ideal. However I would do it again in a heartbeat,” he said.Kimmel, who hosts ABC’s” Jimmy Kimmel Live, “weighed in on the health-care debate previously this year when he provided a plea to lawmakers about pre-existing conditions. He also disclosed that his son was born with a heart flaw.”I do not state,’I do not mind.’I ‘d like for everybody– I want everybody with a television to enjoy the program,”Kimmel informed CBS when asked if he does not mind that Republicans stop seeing his late-night show.” However if they’re so turned off by my viewpoint on healthcare and weapon violence, then I do

n’t know. I most likely will not want to have a conversation with them anyway,”he continued. “Well, not’great riddance,’but riddance!”he added.

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