Kim Kardashian Forced To Deny That She Uses Cocaine After Posting Selfie

Kim Kardashian has been required to deny she uses drug after she shared a video revealing what looks like lines of powder in the background.Kim at first published

a clip of herself discussing her kids clothing – fair enough, there’s hardly anything shocking about among the Kardashians taking a selfie. Fans’ eyes were rapidly drawn to the table in the background.

To begin with, Kim told fans it was sugar. She tweeted:” I do not play with rumours like this so I’m gon na shut it down real fast. That’s sugar from our candy mess from Dylan’s Sweet Store.”

This wasn’t a good sufficient description for some, however, with one asking: “You keep your sugar in cut lines? Neat.”

Later on, after a closer examination, Kim said she had actually been incorrect. It wasn’t sugar, she composed; it was in fact simply the marble pattern on the table.In a video, showing the white markings on the marble table, she said:” Okay you guys, I just returned to my hotel room. And look at this table, very same position. It is still there! ” She then held up a bag from the sweet store she stated she ‘d been to, adding:”So we did go to

Dylan’s Sweet Shop, I did think that it was our pixie sticks. However after all that, this table at the background-is a marble table, you men! Like, begin!”So, come on. I don’t play like that. Like, begin. I have kids. It’s simply not my lifestyle. I do not think I have actually ever resembled that … “Featured Image Credit: Instagram


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